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April 7, 2012


Japanese mayors to establish anti-nuclear energy conference

"(mainichi Japan) April 07, 2012"



TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Fifteen current and former Japanese mayors have proposed establishing a conference in opposition to nuclear power plants late this month following the March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear crisis, one of them said Friday.

"We thought we should set up the conference before Kansai Electric Power Co. restarts its Oi nuclear plant" in Fukui Prefecture, said Hajime Mikami, mayor of Kosai in Shizuoka Prefecture. "By breaking away from nuclear plants, we will protect the lives and property of residents."

They are urging other mayors to join the conference that will discuss the reality of nuclear plants, compile proposals to facilitate the use of renewable energy, and aid in the evacuation of children and the provision of safe food supplies for them through biannual meetings with the goal of eliminating nuclear plants in Japan.

The 15 also include Katsunobu Sakurai, mayor of Fukushima Prefecture's Minamisoma located close to the Fukushima Daiichi plant, which has been crippled since the devastating earthquake and tsunami, and Tatsuya Murakami, mayor of Ibaraki Prefecture's Tokaimura that hosts a nuclear plant of Japan Atomic Power Co.

A total of 55 people including the 15 are expected to participate in an April 28 meeting in Tokyo to inaugurate the conference.

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