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health effects of radiation

20/02/2017 Publié depuis Overblog

Where IS the fuel?

February 19, 2017 Radiation levels at Fukushima reactor puzzle nuclear experts http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/AJ201702190042.html...

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16/02/2017 Publié depuis Overblog

Even robots can't take it

February 16, 2017 Robot stops working in Fukushima reactor https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20170216_34...

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08/02/2017 Publié depuis Overblog

"Drastic increase in radiation level"?

February 5, 2017 Radiation at Fukushima Spikes to Highest Levels Since 2011 http://www.ecowatch.com/fukushima-nuclear-radiation-2240464475.html...

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03/02/2017 Publié depuis Overblog

200 million yen for US veterans (Koizumi)

February 3, 2017 200 million yen raised for U.S. vets who helped in Fukushima THE ASAHI SHIMBUN http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/AJ201702030052.html...

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02/02/2017 Publié depuis Overblog

Former Fukushima worker sues TEPCO

February 2, 2017 Ex-worker during Fukushima disaster sues Tepco, Kyushu Electric over leukemia http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2017/02/02/national/crime-legal/ex-worker-fukushima-disaster-sues-tepco-kyushu-electric-leukemia/#.WJMn2_KDmos...

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01/02/2017 Publié depuis Overblog

Fukushima : "It is too soon to let go"

Video from NHK, January 28, 2017 Learning from Chernobyl children https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/videos/20170126194429680/...

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16/01/2017 Publié depuis Overblog

The mothers of Fukushima (2)

In Japan the authorities continue to do their utmost to reassure the people about the risks of nuclear energy....

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16/01/2017 Publié depuis Overblog

The mothers of Fukushima (1)

An article in German by IPPNW https://www.ippnw.de/atomenergie/gesundheit/artikel/de/unabhaengige-untersuchung-und-beratu.html...

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11/01/2017 Publié depuis Overblog

Farewell, Mr.Yablokov

January 10, 2017 http://bellona.org/news/nuclear-issues/2017-01-alexei-yablokov-grandfather-of-russian-environmentalism-dies-at-83...

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03/01/2017 Publié depuis Overblog

Koizumi's antinuclear stance

December 31, 2016 See also : http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/SDI201701026164.html A Maverick Former Japanese...

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28/12/2016 Publié depuis Overblog

10 new cases of thyroid cancer

December 28, 2016 10 more thyroid cancer cases diagnosed in Fukushima http://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20161228/p2a/00m/0na/008000c...

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18/12/2016 Publié depuis Overblog

Tepco worker's cancer recognised as work-related

December 17, 2016 Tepco worker’s thyroid cancer is recognized as work-related http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/12/17/national/tepco-workers-thyroid-cancer-recognized-work-related/#.WFXGg32DlLM...

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07/12/2016 Publié depuis Overblog

Still checking radiation in fish

December 6, 2016 Radiation in fish off Fukushima tests below detectable level THE ASAHI SHIMBUN http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/AJ201612060039.html...

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02/12/2016 Publié depuis Overblog

Doused in radioactive coolant

December 1, 2016 Tsuruga nuke plant workers doused with radioactive coolant water http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/12/01/national/science-health/10-tsuruga-nuke-plant-workers-doused-radioactive-coolant-water-operator-rules-exposure/#.WD_zFn2Dmos...

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30/11/2016 Publié depuis Overblog

Human Rights Now on Fukushima (August 2016)

August 30, 2016 “Fukushima: Human Rights Situation of people Affected by the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station...

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