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Genkai will be scrapped

December 21, 2015


Genkai nuclear reactor marked to be scrapped



Dec. 21, 2015 - Updated 17:17 UTC+1

The operator of a nuclear plant in western Japan is set to submit a plan to scrap an aging reactor at the facility to the national regulator.

Kyushu Electric Power Company will file the plan with the Nuclear Regulation Authority on Tuesday. It pertains to the No.1 reactor at the Genkai plant in Saga Prefecture.

The reactor went into operation in 1975. The utility decided in April to decommission it in light of a law limiting the lifespan of a reactor to 40 years in principle.

The operator says it will require 28 years to complete the decommissioning work. The plan divides the work into 4 stages.
The 1st stage, which will take 6 years, involves removing radioactive substances from pipes and other parts of the reactor, as well as disassembling radiation-free equipment. Then, work will begin to remove spent fuel.

Nuclear plant operators in Japan have already decided to scrap 5 reactors, including one at the Genkai plant.

Kyushu Electric will be the first to submit such a decommissioning plan.


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